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Dennis Chun répond aux fans français

Duke Lukela is a pivotal character form Hawaii Five-0 even if he is not listed in the main cast, this long-time cop from the HPD is the main link between the Five-0 task force and the uniformed cops.

Since Five-0 reboot in 2010, Dennis Chun whose father Kam Fong Chun played Chin Ho Kelly in 239 episodes of the original series, has been granted the honor to put on the uniform of "The Duke" played in the original show by the late Herman Wedemeyer. The fans are longing for him to appear each week and it's a pleasure to see him among our heroes.

We first made contact with Dennis through our projet about Internment Camps in Hawaii after watching episode 4.10 - Ho'onani Makuakane - Honor Thy Father with the gracious help of Wendie Burbridge who writes a review of each episode in her blog, "The Five-0 Redux". He has been the voice of the French Five-0 fans at the Day of Remembrance held by the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i at the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument at Pearl Harbor. Maybe you read Wendie's Five-0 Redux about it. French fans send their Aloha

Since that day, we have worked out a relationship filled with respect with this wholehearted and kind actor and as we asked him if he could answer to some questions from the French Fans, he gladly accepted. We gathered the questions through our social media accounts (see below) and we sent them to Dennis by email with an excerpt of episode 4.15 - Pale'la - Buried Secrets, in French so that He can hear his French voice played by Bertand Dingé. (This is the scene from the evidence room in which Duke and Kono are looking for a gun used in the murder of Guy Ingram a real estate agent.)

First thank you for that clip. I am jealous. Mr. Dingé makes Duke  sound much more sexy. Please tell him his work is impressive. 

You're playing the role of Sergeant Duke Lukela played by the late Herman Wedemeyer in the original show and your father Kam Fong Chun was the original Chin Ho Kelly.   You played in both versions. Seems your destiny is linked to this show. Has Five-0 been the trigger that made you choose an acting career ?

While watching my father's success with Five-0 gave me a lofty goal it was the joy of creating  and entertaining that has been the trigger.  And to be blessed to be a part of the new Hawaii Five 0 is truly a gift for which I am most grateful.

How did you get the part of Duke, did you go to an audition or did CBS contact you to offer you the role ?

I went through a week long audition process before I was cast. It was truly a special and humbling day when I was offered the part. Remembered dad and all the old gang that day.

For the French fans who only know you through Five-0, could you sum up your 40-year acting career ? Any other project outside Five-0 ?

My forty years of acting has been forty years of joy and creating. I have been so fortunate to work with talented and caring people. I have have been graced with the love and support of a special family and dear friends. While playing Duke is one of my highlights I also have wonderful memories from my appearances in Rashomon, Class C Trial, Song of a Nisei Fisherman and the Hilo Massacre. Appearances on the original Hawaii Five 0, the Brady Bunch Magnum P.I. and Goodbye Paradise also were great experiences. Also being the in-house voice for the EA Sports Maui Invitational College Basketball Tournament was fantastic.

You have been wearing the uniform of the "Duke" for 4 years and your character has become pivotal in the show. Any idea or wish for the evolution of THE Sergeant in season 5 ?

Would love to work on Duke's backstory as he has had many experiences both in and out of uniform.

Despite the hard-working days, it seems really fun to work on the Five-0 set. What kind of relationship do you have with the other members of the cast ?

The cast is extraordinary to work with. They are supportive and so very professional. They set a high standard of excellence. Also outstanding is the hard working crew. Together they make being on set so very productive and creative.

Who is the main leader on set when it comes to jokes ?

Part of what make's being on Five 0  set is the great sense of humor everyone has. There is no one leader but more of a collective effort.

Speaking of career, you are the veteran of the show. Do the other cast members look at you like the Kahuna, the Wiseman ?

Don't think so. I hope they view me as a hard working actor trying to help make a successful show. I do try to provide support and guidance for young Hawaii actors. I have a deep aloha for young people and want to do what I can to help them make their dreams happen.

You agreed to be the voice of the French fans for the Day of Remembrance event at the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument at Pearl Harbor to honor the memory of the Japanese-American citizens who endured internment during WWII. Episode 4.10 meant a lot to the people of Hawai'i. What did it mean to you personnaly ?

It was an honor to carry the aloha of the Hawaii Five 0 France fans to the Day of Remembrance ceremony at Pearl Harbor. The people in attendance  were so moved by your generous gift.  Thank you for the privilege of carrying your message.

I believe 4:10 is a very special show that reminds us  that we must never forget the past and its lessons.  The issues the episode addressed are still with us today. What is important to realize is the answer is not " Blowing in the Wind" but us.

You also may want to know that your aloha is helping efforts to create a national park at the interment site featured in the episode.

What do you do when the show is on hold at the end of the season ?

Catch up on personel business, enjoy
Hawaii and most importantly spend time with ohana and friends.

Where may the fans reach you to ask for an autograph or dedicated memorabilia ?

Would suggest sending to the Hawaii Five 0 Studio located in Honolulu.

HawaiiFive-0, c/o Fan Mail (Actor's Name) 
510 18th Avenue, Honolulu 96816 U.S.A.

I want to close by expressing my deep appreciation for all your support and aloha. A show is nothing without fans and you are Na Ka Oi (the best).
Mahalo for allowing us the privilege of coming into your homes each week and entertaining you. Love all of you. God bless and Malama Pono.

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