Saison 5 - Bénédiction

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Happy to see @pronouncedhorhay again. : ) #LOST #H50 #blessing Dennis Chun #SgtDuke sent the #H50 #Five0Redux fans a sweet msg after he attended the #H50Blessing "A special aloha must go to all the fans who watched around the world. Please know that your aloha was in our hearts and prayers. You are truly Na Ka ʻOe. With your continued support the wave will truly rock this year. My love to all~Dennis Chun"
Me and G. #H50 #blessing
captured by Alex O'Loughlin! We'll post more behind the scenes photos in a slideshow later on Photo credit of the first selfie of Alex O'Loughlin and Peter Lenkov is Mike Gordon and Honolulu Star Advertiser