Shawn Garnett - Exclusive Interview

January, 28th 2014

After our project about episode 4.10, we rolled up our sleeves and we contacted Shawn Mokuahi aka Flippa in Hawaii Five-O since season 3. We asked Kamekona's cousin to answer a few questions for the French Fans.

He agreed to participate, happy to unveil part of him for all of you dear fans. Don't miss the video at the bottom of the article in which he says hello to all the French Fans. Thanks to Marie-Gabrielle whose fan-art iliustrates this article. Along the way, you'll discover a simple man who enjoys life and what it brings to him, a dreamer, a true hawaïan guy  who shows us what Aloha Spirit means.


When and Where were you born ?

I was born in Honolulu, Hi, 1982.

We saw your profile picture on Twitter on which you hold a baby dressed as superman in your arms, is he your son ?

Yes, the "superbaby" is my son. Shawn Jr. He's 1 year old now.

Where did you attend school / high school / university. Any degree you could pin on the wall ?

I attended high school at Hanalani Schools, a "Christian" school. Graduated in the year 2000. And no degrees, I worked right after high school. I never liked school, I only liked it cuz I got to see my friends. I could've been a good student academically but I had no care for academics. Senior year, my mom passed away so I didn't really wanna do anything. Really hard time in my life. But, I had other things in life that made me happy. College isn't for EVERYBODY!

There's a lot of videos of you on YouTube. You played a lot of covers, from "Three Little Birds" to "House of The Rising sun" my favorite. Any album projects for the future or is it just a hobby ?

About 5...10 years ago I really took my music seriously as a full time job. I am currently playing gigs all over town so, music IS my job. I just released an EP/Demo in iTunes and I'm working on a full length pretty soon, just saving money.

What are your main influences when it comes to music ? and Why ?

Growing up, all the music I knew was from my family. During the holidays, we would have parties over the house and they would bust out the karaoke machine and sing ALL nite. THAT was my first taste of music, then as I grew older I discovered there was more out there. When everyone was listening to R&B and hip hop, I was listening to Gabby Pahinui and Weird Al Yankovic! Still do! They rule! Then towards the 90's which was the BEST time for music, I liked Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and random 90's tunes. But the biggest influence was Sublime. They were IT! Hands down. Bradley Nowell turned my music world and life upside down dude! I thank God for him. So I finally found what I wanted to do with my life and the music and style I was shooting for. Another influence is Jack Johnson, he really taught me that not every song has to be fast and heavy, you can be chill and relax to get your point across. Also another I love is The Clash. Such an awesome band. Joe Strummer was not only a great front man/songwriter, he was a wonderful human being. I have simple influences but it made a big impact in my life.

How did you come to acting and how did you get the part of Flippa, Kamekona's cousin in Hawaii Five-0 ?

Kind of like music I fell into it. My Uncle Tim played a dead guy on 5-0. He told me one day to go to the casting website cuz they're always looking for extras with tattoos and what not. My wife and I just moved back home to Hawaii from Vegas and I didn't have a job so I thought, why the hell NOT! So I signed up and waited. Few months passed, I got an email for a meet and greet for all the extras. Basically a meeting to tell us what we can and can't do as extras. So, after a month of waiting again I got a call from them and it came at perfect time cuz I still didn't have a job, it was almost a year since I moved back home and things wasn't going the way I was a rough time. So, the call was for a part on 5-0 as cousin "Flippa". I went down for the audition, and got it! Now I have a small recurring role on the show. Simple as that! So anybody can do it, if you got what they're looking for, you do anything! I am so so thankful I can do 5-0 and music for my jobs. AND, I get to be with the main actors and stuff, that's pretty cool!  

How do you get along with the other cast members ? Have you been able to build friendships among the cast and crew ?

It's so cool to come to work, and know that I'm gonna be "acting" with actors that I've seen on tv or the movie screen. Everyone's really cool...I know people that KNOW some of the cast. Like Alex, I talked to him couple times, he knows this one day dude that comes and watches me play at MonkeyPod Kitchen, Italian dude who owns a restaurant around there. Him and Alex are good friends. Same deal with Scott, I've talked to him bout surfing and what not. Grace Park thinks I'm hilarious...and I think she's pwetty. Of course, Taylor Wily my tv cuzzin, he's the nicest braddah! Michelle Borth too! And also Chi McBride and Daniel Dae Kim,classy guys. Cool dudes!! I'm still new to the show so it's not like I hang out with the cast or anything after shooting. When I come in to work, I see them, there very respectable and they go on with their lives. There busier then me so I try not to intrude. The crew is mostly made of local people to I definitely get along with my peeps! Best crew ever! It's still cool though, I've down 7 or 10 episodes, it's still awesome to me. I shake my head all the time. Hope that answers that question.

Let's talk about Flippa. What do you like about your character and how would you like him to evolve ?

Flippa is basically an extension of ME. Only difference is, is that when the camera's on, I get more goofy. It's not like I reached into my soul and hoped for that oscar winning performance. I love the character cuz it's just me. I would love the character to sing. That'll be rad if he evolved doing that. Of course work more but, I'm just the cousin and I'm cool with that.

Did this part boost your career ? Any other opportunities ?

Yeah, somewhat, like I said, I'm still new to the show. I've also had an opportunity to audition for a part in the new untitled Cameron Crowe movie that was shot here a few months ago. Didn't get it but realized that somebody is throwing my name around in the movie/tv business. Gotta be thankful for that eh?! 

How does it feel to be watched by millions of fans every week? Any Five-0 effect in your everyday life ?

Man, I'm just a regular Hawaiian dude who got a chance to be on tv. So, YEAH, it's like the best feeling ever to be watched by millions. I've had a handful of people say, "Hey, your that guy yeah?!" So, yeah, I'm slowly getting into their memory banks. I've had a few ask for an autograph picture of me and stuff. Now that's gotta be a cool feeling huh? So awesome.

How fans can reach you to ask for an autograph ?

They can email me at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.  and we can go from there. I try not to give out my personal address, well, for obvious reasons. Don't wanna be James Caan in Misery. Ha!

What is your sweet temptation ?

Sweet Temptation? Like candy? Or food? If it's food, it's gotta be meat chun from this place called Dong Yang Inn. Best meat chun ever! It's sweet and I'm tempted everyday to eat it. So yeah, hope that answers that one...if you want a more sexier one I can do so! Tee hee.

What are your qualities and your flaws ?

Qualities : I'm a happy dude. Always try to find the positive side of life. Very giving. I love everybody. I like to make people laugh. I always wanna help others.

Flaws : Work on having more patience.

What question(s) would you have liked us to ask you ? And of course, can you answer it ?

Ummm, just know where people can reach me. They can go to, I have info and show schedules for me. I also have links to my YouTube, Facebook and twitter pages. I also love love love WWE wrestling. I watch it all the time. Looking forward to going to Wrestlemania in 2015 cuz it's coming to the Santa Clara, CA, close to Hawaii yeah. Yup!

Also, I grew up not knowing who my father was. I was adopted by my mom's sister and husband but raised by my grandparents. My mom was still in my life though. I miss her a lot and wish she was here physically to see what I've done. Just trying to make her proud. Just a little back story.

Uhhh, that's it, if there's anything else, please feel free to ask. Much mahalos!!! Aloha

 French Version of the Article here :  Shawn Garnett - Entretien Exclusif