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As Dennis Chun said juste before the blessing of season 5 the wave is gonna rock this year and because season 5 shooting is on its way and Scott Caan back from is baby duties, we wanted to know a little bit more about what's coming next on Five-0.

Our dear friend Nadia asked Executive Producer Peter Lenkov if he could pick some of his time to share with us about the upcoming season. Hang tight to your board ! Spoilers ahead.




The Pearl Harbor episode is a fan favorite. Are you planning on doing another episode with such an historical background ?

The Pearl Harbor episode was such a thrill to do last year. Glad to hear it’s a fan favorite. Getting the chance to tell an incredible story and touch on such an important part of Hawai’i’s history, was something I’d dreamed of for four seasons and finally got to do. While we’re stilling figuring out the right story, we would love a chance to do another episode like that in the future.

One more selfie before the 25ep marathon

Throughout s4, we saw the bond between Steve and Danny becoming stronger than ever. How important is their "bromance" to the show ?

It’s the bond between all of our team members that is really the driving force behind our show. It makes our team more than just that, they’re ohana. Steve and Danny’s “bromance” is clearly an important part of that family unit.
This season Steve and Danny will have rely on each other like never before. We’re going to get back into the Matt Williams storyline (Danny’s fugitive brother) and Steve will be delving deeper into the mystery of the real connection between Wo Fat and his mother Doris. More than ever this year, they’re going to need each other.

During season 4, you dug into Chin's background and we know Internal Affairs are not through with him yet. Any hint about this witchhunt ?

When we pick up in season 5, Chin Ho is still having to deal with the hassle of Internal Affairs’ investigation. Though Chin is innocent of taking a bribe from his brother-in-law Gabriel, lines may get blurred when a friend comes to Chin in a desperate situation. Chin may end up owing the wrong people.

You said you'll dig into Kono's past, maybe something about her years as a surfer ? And what about her present with Adam ?

Actually we’ll be seeing some of Kono’s first memories of learning to surf and touching on the special relationship she has with her mother.  In her present with Adam, he’s started talking seriously about their future, but Kono isn’t sure.
She loves Adam, but being a part of Five-0 has its risks. Starting a family now is a lot to take in. Kono’s going to have some tough decisions ahead.

In the second to last episode of s4, Cath decided to remain in Afghanistan searching Najib. In which extent will her decision change Steve ?

At the top of the season, we’ll get further into how Catherine’s choice affects Steve. Catherine obviously means a great deal to Steve, but there are moments in life where someone you love has to take a different path than the one you were on together, even if it’s for the right reasons or a greater good.  We’ll being seeing how Steve comes to terms with that.

Many strings to pull and to untangle this season

You finished writing the 100th episode last week. Could you leak something about it ?

I really wrote it as a love-letter to our amazing fans. Five seasons now they’ve been on this incredible journey with us.  In the episode we’ll get to see some sides of characters we’ve never seen before and… an answer to one of our questions long wondered about will be revealed. I’m hoping it’s one our fans will not want to miss.

As Lori and Cath, Grover has joined 5-0. Why is he an asset for the team and what can he bring to them ?

Lou Grover has already proven himself an invaluable asset to Five-0. Coming from SWAT, he brings years of experience and expertise to our ohana. He’s a natural leader that can counter McGarrett when needed, but also knows how to play well with others.
Whether it’s his quick wit or fresh perspective, he’s a welcome addition to our team.

The Season Finale showed us another side of Wo Fat. Do you think he could leave the Dark Side despite his responsibility in John McGarrett's death ?

While characters are always capable of change – I would counter, just because you let someone live, doesn’t mean you’ve turned from the dark side. Wo Fat is a meticulous man and does not do anything without thought. He always has a plan in motion. Letting Samantha Grover live may turn out not to be as good as it seems.